New Info about Advising Appointments

Now that the excitement/anxiety of registration for Summer & Fall classes is upon us, I’m realizing that 15 minutes isn’t always enough time to answer your toughest questions during advising appointments. (I’m pretty good about following-up, though.) I’ve now added 3 types of advising appointments to the http://HofstraPsychAdvising.ClickBook.Net site that students can sign up for to better fit different situations:

Declaring the Psych Major (20 minutes — signing forms, going over requirements, getting a faculty advisor. Easy speezy.)

Normal Advising Appointments (15 minutes — perfect for most normal problems, signing forms, and asking questions about requirements, scheduling, grad school, and the future. If we run out of time, we’ll make a plan to follow-up on the issues.)

Bigger Advising Problems (25 minutes — this is the appointment to choose when there is a big, disastrous problem that your Center for University Advisement Dean couldn’t resolve OR for education/psych double-majors and others who have crazy/frustrating constraints on class scheduling and need a lot of help. Try not to use this option too much, as it leaves fewer appointments for other students.)


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