Research Opportunity @ Baruch College – Deadline Approaching!

The NSF REU site at Baruch College will offer advanced research training for one academic year to 12 undergraduate students who attend four-year colleges and universities in the New York metropolitan area. The program will target students belonging to historically disadvantaged groups. This program provides concentrated research experience in which each student plans and executes an independent project, as well as works with a faculty mentor and their graduate students on existing research projects.

Students will develop knowledge and skills in all phases of psychological research, including hypothesis development, research design, data analysis, and scientific writing. Students will present their research at the Baruch REU conference and potentially at national or regional conferences in psychology. REU students will also complete a year-long graduate school preparation course taught at Baruch College. The REU students will begin working in August 2011 and complete the training program in May 2012. Students will be paid $2100 per 14-week semester to work at least 10 hours per week in one of the ongoing psychology research labs at Baruch College.

The deadline for applications this year is April 1, 2011.

For Application and more info, go to:


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