Minor Dilemma?

Lately I’ve met with several students who have extra room in their course schedules or are looking for additional courses (beyond the requirements) to reach the 124 credit hours needed for the BA degree.

Psychology majors do not have to have a minor, but it can be a great complement, help you select additional courses, and enable you to gain experience in other fields. For example, when I was in college, I always knew I wanted to become a scientist, but I minored in art history and history because I enjoyed them and liked taking different kinds of classes along with the psych curriculum.

So…what minors can you choose from? The bulletin (http://bulletin.hofstra.edu) has information about all of the majors and minors at Hofstra, but I have a hard time finding the information I need there. To make life easier for all of us, here is a sheet with information and links to all the different minors in the bulletin:

>>> Minors_at_Hofstra <<<


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