Meet the Colloquium Speaker on Monday

Our colloquium speaker on Monday, Rob Goldberg, is a Hofstra graduate and has offered to meet with interested students to discuss grad school and careers in psychology/neuroscience.  The time is 1:30 on Monday 4/4.  The place is 104a Heger.

Here’s a reminder about Dr. Goldberg’s talk:

Psychology Colloquium
“How our brains find meaning in the world”
Robert Goldberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Monday, April 4  at 4:30 pm in Hauser 109
The Psychology Colloquium is open to all who are interested

How do we make sense of the world around us? As infants we are confronted with a blooming, buzzing confusion.  During childhood, we readily learn the differences between milk and silk and to distinguish cats from hats.  Somehow, the human brain makes these meaningful distinctions almost effortlessly.  Children initially think clouds are alive while a tree is more akin to furniture. Language is necessary to overcome these perceptual biases and change our theories as to how the world really works.  The prefrontal cortex appears to play a critical role in this mental restructuring through more abstract, verbally-mediated knowledge.  To find meaning, our brains must balance experiences with the language and concepts necessary to rise above them.

Dr. Robert Goldberg graduated from Hofstra in 1999 with a dual major in Philosophy and Psychology and a minor in Religious Studies.

For more information about the Hofstra Psychology Colloquium, please contact Vincent Brown at or visit the Psychology Colloquium website


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