The F-Word

The April issue of the Harvard Business Review Magazine is all about the (other) F-word — failure. Everyone has experiences making mistakes, being rejected, and suffering crushing disappointments, so if you’ve experienced failure recently, you’re in great company.

The issue is more than a misery-loves-company pity-party, though. Each of the articles describes lessons learned and strategies for dealing with failure. My favorite is an article about cultivating resilience written by Martin Seligman, who is a psychologist you may have studied in positive psychology or when learning about “learned helplessness.” There is also an interview with Dr. Seligman linked above the article text.

You have access to the full text of each of the articles through the Hofstra Library. Just go to the library site’s “Journal Finder,” type in “Harvard Business Review,” select “Business Source Premier,” and look for the April 2011 issue.


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