Attending Conferences

One way to make yourself more competitive for grad school admissions is to present your research at conferences. These presentations can be based on an honors thesis or an independent study, but you can also think about presenting posters based on class projects that you have completed for research methods or your research seminar. If you’re working with professors or grad students on a research project, ask them about the possibility of contributing to a conference presentation.

In addition to adding another line to your resume/CV, a conference gives you the opportunity to learn about work being done elsewhere (usually before it’s published–it’s a sneak-peak), and to network with other students and researchers from programs you might consider for graduate school.

There is a local conference coming up soon, and there is still time to submit an abstract to give a poster presentation (it’s like science fair for grown-ups). Check out the details here, and remember that the deadline to apply is FRIDAY, APRIL 15th

Students have also taken advantage of opportunities to present and learn about research on campus during Undergraduate Research Day.

Another conference you might consider is the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association ( Last month, several Hofstra faculty and recent graduates attended the conference in Boston.


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