Considering summer school?

Even though we’re all looking forward to the end of classes and summer break, some of you might be considering enrolling in summer school. This is a great time to think about whether completing one or more of your course requirements this way is a good idea for you. There are pros:

  • Getting the opportunity to really focus on only one or two courses at a time (compared to the regular semester load)
  • Getting ahead to lighten your load in the future if you anticipate a rough semester (especially for education, pre-meds, and other double-majors)
  • Minimizing the pain of a course you’re not exactly psyched about (ripping the band-aid off quickly, so to speak)

There are cons, too, including the expense of extra courses and opportunity costs if you have to cut back on summer job or internship hours, time at the beach, etc.

Keeping that in mind, if you’re going to be in the NYC area, you should check out the summer course offerings at Hofstra.  We are offering a variety of psychology classes during Summer I and Summer II — everything from Intro to Psych (PSY 1) to Learning & Behavior (PSY 110, which fulfills one of your “essentials” or category electives), to the Research Seminar (196).  There is even an online distance learning course in Comparative Psychology (PSY 61, which counts as both an elective and a BH).  We need a small but decent enrollment for each of these classes to run.  Feel free to set up an advising appointment with me or to contact the instructors directly if you have questions.

If you will be far away during the summer, you might consider taking summer courses at a local college. BE CAREFUL! Before you spend the time and money, make sure that the course you’re taking will transfer to Hofstra correctly and fulfill requirements. There is a form to complete to gain approval for this in advance, and you’ll need to obtain course descriptions and syllabi from the courses you’d like to take.  If you’re traveling home for spring break, this might be a perfect opportunity to explore these options. What we want to avoid is you wasting time and money on a course that won’t transfer and fulfill the requirement you need.


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