Belated Congratulations!

During the end-of-semester chaos/excitement, I slacked off on posting announcements. I especially want to catch up on sharing good news. 

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2011! Keep in mind that even though your coursework may be done, your connections to Hofstra and the psychology department don’t end. This blog and Dr. Weingartner’s blog about internships in psychology will be accessible to you if you want to hear about events and opportunities that might interest you. The catch is that you’ll have to bookmark the addresses or subscribe to the blogs to receive updates since you won’t get my annoying helpful email announcements any more.  Also, you might be surprised to learn how much many of your professors like hearing updates about what you’re up to as you move forward with grad school, jobs, and…real life. 🙂

Congratulations to the new Psi Chi honors society members! The ceremony was held in May, and the following students were inducted:

Binish Anjum
Rachel D. Lutz
James P. Campisi
Fathima Mohamed
Tyler C. Dickens
Chelsea Lynn Mohr
Rose M. Gatto
Cecily J. Portillo
Amanda J. Gonzalez
Rebecca Jean Reynolds
Lauren N. Greco
Michelle Jessica Steiner
Allison Michelle Labita
Jaclyn I. Waters
Want to join these smiling, sharply-dressed students? Psi Chi applications will be due in the fall and the spring — keep an eye out for announcements. Dr. Pineno will be serving as the new advisor, but of course we want to thank Dr. Eiter and the officers for doing such a great job!

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