Volunteer opportunity — become a peer mentor


I am a Psy.D. doctoral student at Hofstra currently doing my community internship at the Fay J. Linder Center for Autism in Brookville.  At the Linder Center, we are seeking volunteer Peer Mentors to participate in a variety of activities with teenagers/adults on the autism specturm.

Activities include a social skills groups, adl groups, as well as less structure “socials”.  Volunteering would give undergraduate students exposure working with this population.  It would also provide a volunteer experience to include on graduate applications for students who wish to take their education to the next step.  I have attached a flyer to pass onto students. If you know any specific students that may be interested, they can contact me directly at (516) 686-4440.

I appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer.

Kind Regards,
Edel McCarville
Doctoral Candidate, Hofstra University
Psy.D. Program
Doctoral Intern, Fay J. Linder Center for Autism

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