All About Advising Appointments

A few students have complained that there aren’t enough advising appointments available. In most cases, this isn’t true — the students were confused by the advising appointment scheduling site I use —

I also get a lot of compliments from students who find it very easy and convenient, but if you have trouble with it, check out this information sheet I made:  >>how to make appointments<<

It’s true that there are times when all the appointment times are booked by other students. This is why it’s incredibly important to CANCEL meetings in advance if you can’t make it. To make things a bit easier, I added another type of meeting that you can schedule with me: Super Quick Questions. Choos this type of meeting when you want to double-check your understanding of some policy, when you need a quick signature, to change/obtain faculty advisors (after you’ve already declared the major) or for any other issue that won’t take more than 5 minutes to cover.

I hope it helps!


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