Student performers needed for a psych study

My Health & Relationships Lab is hiring student performers with different body types to help create videos for psychology studies about weight bias. Our goal is to film student actors performing scripted “get to know you”-style interviews that will be viewed by study participants at a high school. You don’t need to be a trained actor to contribute — we will rehearse the script with you.

The tricky part is that we need to find performers who differ in gender, race, and weight status. Specifically, we need to find male and female college students who appear to be African American or Caucasian and are either overweight or slim/average. These are sensitive subjects, of course, and we don’t want anyone to have a negative experience as a result of this research. Thus, we are hoping to hire confident students with different body types to perform the short video scripts.

Taping will be done on campus in late October and is expected to take no more than 1 hour for each performer. You will be paid for your time, and, as a bonus, your acting talents will contribute to science.

If you’re interested or want to learn more, please email my students, Werda and Ada, at , or you could email me at Please include a snapshot or a brief physical description, including your gender, race, and body type.  (We probably feel weirder asking for this info than you will feel when you provide it. Science is strange sometimes…)  If you have brave friends who might fit the bill, please send this message to them, too.

Thank you!


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