The “Pre” in Prerequisite

I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from students along the lines of “Is it ok for me to take a Research Seminar if I don’t have the prereqs?” and “Can I take the prereq at the same time as the Research Seminar?” Alas, the answer to both questions is almost always no. The point of having prerequisites is that you complete them PRIOR TO the higher-level class. We want you to succeed in your classes, and the goal of these prereqs is to help you do that.

When I meet with students declaring the psych major, I try to point out that you can complete most of your “Essential” and “Specialty/Applied” electives and still not have prereqs for more than one of the Research Seminars. Unfortunately, we don’t offer every single Research Seminar every single semester — there aren’t enough faculty or students for that to work out. My goal isn’t to instill so much paranoia that you try to take ALL of the prereqs for ALL of the seminars, but it’s a great idea to have a back-up plan in case the Research Seminar you’ve had your eye on either isn’t offered or is filled to capacity during the semester you need to take it.

We’re really proud of our research sequence. Even your back-up choice of Research Seminars is likely to be a good, challenging experience.




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