Tutors Needed!

A few students have mentioned that they could not get the tutoring help they needed through the University Tutoring Problem because tutors were not available. I contacted the UTP to learn more, and was told that they need students to apply for tutoring positions to cover psychology courses, including tutors for PSY 40 (statistics), cognitive psych, research methods, and more.

I know we have a lot of talented psych majors, so if you are motivated and fit the criteria, please consider applying. There are GPA requirements and you must obtain faculty endorsements. It sounds like a great way to help fellow students and to add a line to your resume. Submit applications (UTP – Tutor Application) and 2 faculty endorsements (UTP – Faculty Endorsement Form) to Memorial 101 if you’re interested.

I also heard from Rachel Peel at the University Tutoring Program, and she asked me to help spread the word that when you have trouble finding a tutor through the UTP, you should visit them in Memorial 12 so that they can help fix the problem. She said they are very passionate about helping undergraduate students, and the place to start is Memorial 12.


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