New Course: Psychosocial Intervention & Referral

This spring, the Athletic Training program is offering a new course that blends athletic training and psychology. I know that many psychology students have interests in this area. The course will give you 1 elective credit OUTSIDE LIBERAL ARTS. It meets only one time per week – Wednesdays from 9:35-11am.

PESP 168B (CRN 24835): Psychosocial Strategies for Intervention and Referral

Athletic trainers must be able to recognize clients/patients exhibiting abnormal social, emotional, and mental behaviors. Coupled with recognition is the ability to intervene and refer these individuals as necessary. Additionally, athletic trainers appreciate the role of mental health in injury and recovery and use interventions to optimize the connection between mental health and restoration of participation.

Professor: Heather L. Clemons, MS, MBA, ATC

Clinical Coordinator
Athletic Training Education Program
Department of Health Professions and Kinesiology
office:  516-463-5196
fax:  516-463-6275


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