Next Psych Department Colloquium – Fri 3/30 at 2 pm in Hauser 029

Dr. Benjamin Guenther will give a talk entitled: The Sensory Component of Inhibition of Return For more information about the talk, read the abstract.  For more information about Dr. Guenther, read his biosketch.  All are welcome at the talk. Coffee and snacks will be served.

Abstract: Researchers studying how we direct our gaze and attention to objects and locations in space have used a variety of measures and methods to study different aspects of this behavior.  One widely studied aspect examines a mechanism of attention thought to encourage efficient search behavior by inhibiting attention from returning to previously searched locations.  This effect, termed Inhibition of return (IOR), is a phenomenon of visual attention, in which participants are slower to respond to targets appearing at the same location as a spatial cue.  Most research on this effect has focused on describing the behavior and understanding the conditions under which it occurs.  The neural processes responsible for this effect, however, remains unclear.  To address this,  a series of experiments using basic manipulations of stimuli were conducted.  Results illustrate this behavior is influenced by differences at early levels of visual information processing.

Biosketch: Dr. Guenther earned a B.S. from Washington State University in 2004.  He then went to the University of Georgia where he earned an M.S. in 2008 and a Ph.D. in 2011.  He has been teaching in the Hofstra Psychology Department as an Adjunct Assistant Professor since September 2011.


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