Next Psych Department Colloquium – Fri 4/20 at 2 pm in Hauser 029

Dr. Katherine Sledge Moore will give a talk entitled: Distraction and Multitasking.  For more information about the talk, read the abstract.  For more information about Dr. Moore, read her biosketch.  All are welcome at the talk. Coffee and snacks will be served.

When keeping a search goal in mind, such as trying to locate your keys, similar items (such as your spouse’s keys) will capture your attention and potentially slow your search. What happens when you must keep two search goals in mind–such as searching for your keys and cell phone–and how do you perform this task in the face of distraction? In this talk I will present a series of experiments that highlight both our great capacity to multitask and our extraordinary limitations of multitasking in the face of distraction. I will also demonstrate how multitasking costs can be reduced with directed attention.

Katherine Sledge Moore is a postdoctoral associate at Yale University working with Marvin Chun. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, working with Daniel Weissman and John Jonides. Prior to graduate school, she was a research associate for Ingrid Olson at the University of Pennsylvania, which is also where she received her B.A. Katherine has published studies on attention, memory, and the interaction between the two, using behavioral, patient-testing, and fMRI methods.


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