Next Psych Department Colloquium – Fri 5/4 at 3 pm in Hauser 109

Dr. Joyce Shaffer will give a talk entitled: The How of BRAIN FITNESS: New Neuroscience for Brain Power in Healthcare.  For more information about the talk, read the abstract.  For more information about Dr. Shaffer, read her biosketch.  All are welcome at the talk. Coffee and snacks will be served.

Abstract: The talk will focus on recent research about the ways positive psychology can improve brain plasticity. Since most people actively seek ways to build better brains, applying this growing body of new neuroscience for brain power to our work with our clients can empower them to increase motivation, elevate their mood, provide new hope and increase commitment to improved growth, health and productivity.

Biosketch: Dr. Joyce Shaffer has a Doctorate in Psychology from Hofstra University (1978), is licensed as a registered nurse (Thomas Jefferson University graduate) and has decades of healthcare experience.  She has served as an expert on psychiatric and medical matters for the University of Washington mental health court, which led to earning Diplomate status with the American Board of Professional Psychology.  She currently works as a clinical psychologist, nurse, and speaker, and also has authored academic and non-academic work focused on positive psychology, brain plasticity, stress, and aging well.


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