Grad School Info and Advice

Is graduate school the right path for me?  What’s the difference between a Masters degree, a PhD, and a PsyD?  What types of jobs can I get with these degrees?  I know which degree I need, but how do I begin narrowing down where to apply, and how does the application process work?  Should I take time off before applying to grad school? What kind of financial aid is available?  What are my chances of getting into graduate school?

Although there aren’t any simple answers to these questions, Section II of our Handbook for Undergraduate Psych Majors provides the information you need to begin considering your options for life after college.  Download the Handbook from the link under “The most useful info” to the right. We’ve gathered this information from well-respected organizations in the field and from several faculty advisors who have successfully mentored undergraduates through the graduate school application process.  Be prepared to do some of the “leg-work” on your own – your search for information will no doubt extend beyond the links contained in this blog.

The psych faculty are also excellent sources of information! It would be well worth your time to meet with one or more faculty members who have gone through graduate training in the areas of psychology that you are considering. Check out the faculty website to learn about the backgrounds of our faculty members, and then email them to schedule an appointment.

From time-to-time I’ll post announcements about Grad School info sessions and open houses (at Hofstra and other Universities), practice GRE dates, etc. Be sure to check the Grad School Info category on this blog to have current access to these announcements.


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