Job, Internship, and Research Assistant Opportunities

The information here will help you search for psych-relevant jobs, internships, and research positions.  To learn more about psychology careers and graduate training in psychology, visit the grad school advice post on this blog.

Job Opportunities
For job positions , check out the posts in the job opportunities category of this blog.

Psych Internships
Paid internship positions are rare, but if you seek experience in research and/or applied settings, consider interning on a volunteer basis or for college credit. Check out the links at the top of the blog for how that process works!

Research Assistant Positions
Research assistant positions are obviously a great way to gain research experience. They are typically done on a volunteer basis. Students interested in finding a research position should look at the postings on the blog and also send this application to Dr. Elisabeth Ploran ( The completed forms are posted in a departmental database each semester so that faculty and graduate students who are looking for assistants have a pool of applicants at the ready. Make sure you complete the form at the beginning of each semester to be included in the pool!


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