New procedure for scheduling advisement appointments + more opportunities to learn about grad school

Dear students,
Welcome back!! I hope that the Fall 2012 semester is treating you well so far.

We’ve modified our advisement procedures in ways that we hope will improve your advisement experiences. Please read on to learn about our nifty “how to” document for scheduling advisement appointments, plus several opportunities to get advice about graduate school.

To help streamline the advisement process we have constructed a “how to” document that explains who the key players are in the advising process, and who students should see about what. Our hope is that this information will help reduce the number of people you’ll need to meet with in order to get answers to your questions. For example, if you need to see your advisement dean to sort out an issue, you should be able to figure that out from reading the “how to” document without having to make a special trip to see me.

New opportunities for advisement about graduate school!! Throughout the semester faculty members in the department will hold “Graduate School Advisement” sessions.  The expectation is that you will have more opportunities to meet with a faculty member who knows the nitty-gritty details about applying to (and completing) the types of graduate programs that you are considering. Shortly I will post a schedule of these Graduate School Advisement sessions along with the faculty members’ major areas of training and research (to help you decide which session would be most relevant for you).

To kick off these Graduate School Advisement sessions, Dr. Mitchell Schare will give a talk about the ins and outs of applying to graduate school on Friday, 9/21, from 3-5 in Hauser 109. Put it in your calendar!! To view the topics on the agenda, click here.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the “Graduate School Info and Advice” post on this blog. It is chalk full of information that should help you explore your options for life after college.


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