Psychology GRE – important dates

Not all graduate schools require you to take the Psychology subject GREs. Check with the departments you are applying to before registering for the test, and figure out when the application deadlines are. For some schools, the deadlines  are as early as mid-Dec. To learn more about the Psych GRE, how to register for the test, etc. go here.

Test Dates (MM/DD/YY) Regular Registration Deadline (MM/DD/YY) Late Registration Deadline1 (MM/DD/YY) Supplementary Test Center and Monday Administration Registration Deadline2 (MM/DD/YY) View Scores Online and Scores by Phone Date (MM/DD/YY) Approximate Score Report Mailing Date (MM/DD/YY)
10/13/12 09/07/12 09/14/12 08/24/12 11/12/12 11/23/12
11/10/12 10/05/12 10/12/12 09/21/12 12/10/12 12/21/12
04/20/13 03/15/13 03/22/13 03/01/13 05/20/13 05/31/13

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