Research Assistant Position at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Research Assistant Position

The Pathways to Literacy Laboratory, Department of Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

The Pathways Lab is seeking a full-time Research Assistant.  Members of the lab, headed by Fred Morrison, study children’s executive functions and academic skills and the role of early educational experiences in the development of these abilities. The research reflects a multi-method interdisciplinary approach to the study of development, including behavioral and event-related potential (ERP) data drawn from assessments with children as well as classroom observations.  Current studies focus on the development of executive functions in typical and special needs children across the transition to elementary school.
The ideal candidate will have had experience in collecting and processing behavioral and electrophysiological data with young children.  Some duties of the position will involve a variety of research and administrative tasks such as: (1) recruiting, scheduling, and conducting behavioral and electrophysiological assessments with children, (2) processing and analyzing electrophysiological data, (3) creating and maintaining databases, and (4) general administrative duties including the purchasing and upkeep of equipment.
Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Education, Cognitive Neuroscience or related field is required. In addition, previous experience working with typical and atypical children and/or conducting research in a school setting is preferable.  Experience in one or more of the following software packages is also desirable: SPSS, SAS, EPrime, MATLAB and EEGLAB.  We are especially interested in individuals who are highly motivated, detail oriented, and are capable of communicating clearly and working effectively in a team environment. This type of position is ideal for those wishing to gain research experience before applying to PhD programs.  Commitment of 2 years preferred.  The position if full time with university benefits.

Interested individuals should email (1) a cover letter describing your relevant experience and future goals; (2) your CV or resume; and (3) two letters of recommendation to Jennie Grammer ( Consideration of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.


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