Two classes added for the CURRENT semester

For those of you who would like to pick up some extra credits this semester (e.g., you want to drop one of the courses you are currently taking, you learned that you will be 3 credits short for graduation, etc.), you might consider two new courses that have been added to the schedule:

HIST 020 (05) CRN#24979 – Meets 3/5/2013 – 5/18/201 (M/W 8:20-10:30)

SOC 004 (06) CRN#24950 – Meets 3/4/2013 – 5/18/2013 (T/Th 8:20-10:30)

REGISTRATION DATES: 2/18/2013 – 3/12/2013

*Note:  Students may register for these courses without penalty up to 17 credits total.  If you go over 17 semester hours, you will be charged the additional tuition.


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