Psych Department Colloquium – Fri 3/15 at 2 pm in Hauser 29

On Friday, March 15th,  we will have our next Psychology research colloquium, given by Dr. Sarah Shuwairi from NYU. The talk will be at 2pm in Hauser 29, followed by an informal reception.

Infants’ Responses to Pictures of Possible and Impossible Objects 

How do infants respond to visual displays of “impossible” objects relative to “possible” ones? This presentation will highlight data from converging methods used with infants (e.g., looking time, eye tracking and reaching tasks) revealing that babies recognize the differences between structurally coherent and incoherent figures. Infants as young as 4-months responded with greater visual interest toward pictures of impossible cubes vs. possible ones. Results show that some of the mechanisms for analyzing both local and global properties of shape develop earlier in postnatal life than was previously believed.

Sarah Shuwairi, Ph.D.

Dr. Shuwairi earned her doctorate in the Cognition & Perception program at NYU in 2008, and was a full time faculty member at CUNY for several years. Her research focuses on object perception in early infancy. She is currently teaching courses in Perception and Infant Development at Columbia University, and she continues to carry out her research at NYU.

Save the dates for upcoming colloquia (more details coming soon):

Friday, April 12, Dr. Charlotte Markey, Rutgers


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