Psychology Colloquium, 4/12, 029 Hauser Hall

Examining Eating Behaviors in the Context of Romantic Relationships

Dr. Charlotte Markey, Department of Psychology, Rutgers-Camden

Friday, April 12, 2013, 1:15pm, 029 Hauser Hall

Given the climbing rates of obesity in the U.S., it is important to understand all influences on our eating behaviors. Dr. Markey’s research focuses on social influences on eating behaviors.  In this talk she will share her research examining eating behaviors in the context of romantic relationships.

This presentation will attempt to address the following questions:

Do our romantic partners influence our eating behaviors?
How does our partner’s weight status affect our feelings about our own weight?
Are our relationships relevant to our attempts to lose weight?
and Can our partners help us to eat in a more healthy manner?

Dr. Markey is a health and developmental psychologist who studies eating behaviors and body image.  She earned her PhD in 2002 from the University of California at Riverside and joined the faculty at Rutgers University that year.  Her recent research focuses on  parents’ concerns about their children’s weight, media influences on body image and cosmetic surgery interest, and romantic partners’ (heterosexual and same-sex couples’) relevance to eating behaviors, dieting, body image, and obesity risk.  She is author of the forthcoming book, “The Thinking Person’s Diet.”  More details are available at Dr. Markey’s lab website:


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