Updates: Long Island Psychology Conference: Sat 4/27

From Drs. Masnick and Pineno:

The next Long Island Psychology Conference will be Saturday, April 27 at Hofstra, and will include students and faculty from several local schools.  There will be faculty research talks, student poster presentations, and a panel of recent psychology graduates, talking about their grad school and career experiences.  Students can attend without presenting.  Conference registration is $8 if paid in advance, $10 at the door (a pretty good deal considering this includes lunch).  We hope to see a lot of Hofstra psychology students there. Here are some details about the presentations:

The keynote speaker from John Jay, Angela Crossman, will be talking about how young children learn to lie and deceive others (in the confusing world in which adults lie to them a lot about things like the tooth fairy, but tell them never to lie).  The second speaker is Hofstra’s own Sarah Novak, who will be talking about her research on how sneaking  healthy ingredients like fruits and vegetables into typically unhealthy foods like mac and cheese can affect our perception of food.  She’s even preparing a few samples for everyone to taste.  They’re both engaging speakers!

Finally, recent alumni from the participating colleges and universities will speak during an alumni panel event.

The details are available at our website: http://www.hofstra.edu/Academics/Colleges/HCLAS/PSY/lipc/index.html

So that the organizers can get a rough head count (to order appropriate amounts of food), please register soon.


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