Full-time Lab Manager Position at NYU Infant Cognition and Communication Lab

The NYU Infant Cognition and Communication Lab, directed by Dr. Athena Vouloumanos at New York University, seeks a full-time project manager beginning June 2014. This NIH-funded project examines infants’ early voice and face processing to help identify young infants who have an increased risk for later social impairments typical of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Job duties include: (1) working with local organizations and researchers to recruit infant participants; (2) scheduling and conducting experiments with infants and young children in a laboratory setting; (3) training and coordinating volunteers and research assistants; (4) being a liaison to our second testing site in Calgary, and arranging monthly meetings with researchers; (5) administrative duties, including data management, IRB, and budget maintenance.

Candidates should have: a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related scientific field such as cognitive science; one or more years of research experience; the ability to work independently; keen attention to detail; excellent public relations skills; and the ability to interact warmly and professionally with parents and children. Strong organization, computational, managerial, problem-solving, and analytic skills are essential. Experience working with infants and with eye-tracking methodology is preferred. A two-year commitment is required.

How to apply:  Please send the following documents collated in one pdf file to Amy Yamashiro (amy.yamashiro@nyu.edu) with the subject line “Project Manager Position”

1.      A brief cover letter explaining your interest, research experience, and career goals

2.      A current resume highlighting your research experience

3.      Unofficial college transcript

4.      Two reference letters from research supervisors (can be sent under separate cover directly by the supervisors)

For best consideration, please apply by March 20th, 2014.


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