Research Assistant Opportunities

Here are a couple of Research Assistance Opportunities:

Dr. Craig Johnson is looking for undergraduate psychology majors to assist with his research.  His research team is currently working on projects in several areas.  Most of their research falls within the realm of social psychology.  Topics include prejudice, stereotyping, environmental attitudes, and the effect of group identities on memory.  Assistants will be asked to contribute to study development, run experimental sessions, and code subject responses.  Assistants should be able to commit to a minimum of two hours per week.   If interested, complete the research assistance application (which can be found if you click on the Internship and Research Assistance Opportunities tab on the right).  You can also email Dr. Johnson ( expressing your specific interest in this opportunity.

Psychology doctoral candidate is looking for research assistants to help collect data in an elementary school. Responsibilities include coding for certain behaviors in the classroom. Assistants will be trained by the researcher and the study will take place spring semester. Assistants must be available in January and have a mode of transportation.  If interested, complete the Research Assistance application.


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