For the creative among you

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The 2015 Student Video Award gives college students a chance to engage in active, creative learning by making short videos about important concepts in psychology. The most outstanding entries will become part of the Noba digital textbook to be viewed by other psychology students around the world. The focus in 2015 is Social Influence. We challenge students to choose a central concept from one of the online modules below and bring it to life in engaging and memorable ways.

Deadline: 3/27/15

Persuasion: So Easily Fooled
by Robert Levine

Conformity & Obedience
by Jerry Burger

Consider these three possible topics as examples

Advertising – What are some of the key tools and tricks of persuasion that advertisers use to influence our everyday decision- making? Your video could shed light on what we all experience but don’t consciously realize.

Persuasion for Social Good – What are the techniques of persuasion that are being used to influence our behavior to improve health, promote social justice, address environmental concerns, etc.? Could you use persuasion in a positive social experiment and film the process and results?

The Normative Influence– How powerful is the normative influence on our behavior? Where can we see it in our everyday lives? What would be an interesting variation of the Asch experiment you could do and film to explore this aspect of conformity?

$10,000 in prizes
*This contest is sponsored by Noba and shared as a courtesy by SPSP, Inc.


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