Information about a graduate program

I have written to you in the past about our master’s program in experimental psychology at Saint Joseph’s University; a full-time program designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the scientific study of psychology. All students in our program are assigned to a mentor and conduct an empirically based research thesis under his/her direction.

I am contacting you again to let you know that we are having a virtual (online) open house on Tuesday, November 11th at 12:00 (noon), which your students may be interested in attending. Information on how to attend the open house can be found at:

Complete details about our program are available at and a brochure about our program is attached. Thank you for forwarding this information to your students.

Jodi Mindell

Jodi A. Mindell, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Director, Graduate Program in Psychology
Saint Joseph’s University
Philadelphia, PA 19131

610 660-1806 (phone)
610 660-1819 (fax)


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