Research Assistant/Lab Manager position at the UC Davis Mind Institute

We are recruiting for the position of Core Manager for the NeuroBehavioral Analysis Core (NBAC) of the UC Davis MIND Institute’s NICHD-funded Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC). The incumbent of this position will manage the NBAC by working closely with the NBAC Director (Tony Simon) and Co-Directors (Steve Luck and David Hessl) in the development and delivery of services to IDDC users. Specifically, these involve the deployment of cognitive neuroscience techniques to enhance investigators’ characterizations of the research participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The core manager will also survey existing and potential nbac users about desired experimental cognitive paradigms and related behavioral measurement instruments that need to be developed. Therefore, experience in constructing, adapting and using experimental cognitive paradigms that are run using sysems such as e-prime, presentation or matlab is required. The core manager will train NBAC users on the services provided and help to develop a request, usage and tracking system to monitor usage. Specifically, in complement to the more diagnostic activities carried out by the IDDRC’s Clinical Translational Core, the NBAC will deliver enhanced endophenotyping services including cognitive testing with experimental cognitive paradigms, specialized versions of standardized tests and with technologies such as eye tracking, electrophysiology and functional neuroimaging with event related potentials (ERPs). The NBAC manager will need to have knowledge of these methods, many of which are found in cognitive neuroscience labs, in order to be effective in the development, training and delivery of services. The position is open with potential for immediate start date. Salary will be commensurate with experience with likely appointment as a Staff Research Associate. Initial inquiries, including a resume and at least one letter of recommendation, can be sent Tony Simon ( . Formal applications should be submitted via UC Davis Career Opportunities site:

The University of California is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.


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