Graduate school opportunity at St. John’s for those interested in School Psychology

 My name is Dr. Mark Terjesen and I am the director of the graduate programs in School Psychology (PsyD & MS) at St. John’s University (NY).
Congratulations on your recent achievement of receiving your degree in psychology.
I recognize that some of you may still be determining your career path.
I wanted to alert you to the fact that we are still receiving applications for the MS program in school psychology and the deadline for these applications has been extended to August 1 for our Oakdale (Long Island) campus.
The Master’s degree program is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and you would get the opportunity to receive your training in programs taught by leaders in the field.
You can learn more about the program from our website:
And applications can be found here:
But allow me to tell you some more information.
The 66-credit program at St. John’s can be attended full-time or part-time and the master’s degree in school psychology is recognized by New York State and leads to certification as a school psychologist or a bilingual school psychologist.
The core faculty are nationally renowned scholars who regularly publish in peer reviewed journals and present annually at regional, national, and international conferences.
Even during these challenging economic times, school psychology continues to be recognized as a growth field.
Last week U.S. News and World Report ranked school psychology as the 17th hottest profession:
The program espouses the scholar/scientist/practitioner model of training. All students receive training in the evaluation of scientific research, the basic science of psychology, and empirically based practices. We expect all graduates to have the scholarly skills necessary to evaluate current scientific findings in order to develop empirically based models of practice.
All students at our Long Island campus also receive a free state-of-the-art laptop.
All of our classes are in the late afternoon/evening (I think the earliest one for the fall starts at 3PM), so it is a somewhat flexible schedule for people with other commitments. There are some practica requirements that do require students to periodically be available during the day during the second full-year in the program and we try and work with your schedule to be accommodating.
As far as the application, there are no min GRE and GPA scores but they should be competitive.
You can look at our webpage to see the averages of the most recent incoming classes. You also will need 3 letters of rec, a lab paper (something you have written where you collected and analyzed research), and a term paper for your application. 
If you have any further questions, please email me at or call Linda Russell at (631) 218-7756.
If you would like to come out to visit the campus and possibly meet the students and faculty, please communicate with Linda.
Mark D. Terjesen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director, Graduate Programs in School Psychology
St. John’s University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Marillac Hall SB36
Jamaica, NY 11439
P: (718)990-5860
F: (718)990-5926

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