Research Opportunity with the Family Translational Research Group at NYU

Family Translational Research Group

Research Opportunity 

 The Family Translational Research Group (FTRG) is directed by two clinical psychologists — Dr. Richard E Heyman and Dr. Amy M. Smith Slep — and has received over 35 federal grants to conduct research on understanding and preventing family dysfunction and violence. FTRG conducts research on a wide variety of cutting edge topics ranging from (a) how anger, conflict, and family violence affect children’s and adults’ psychological and physical functioning to (b) defining maltreatment in ways that can be reliably used by field workers to (c) understanding how couples’ conflict dynamics relate to violence to (d) furthering our understanding of risk and protective factors for child maltreatment and partner abuse. In addition to this basic research, FTRG is involved in two large prevention efforts, one for communities and the other for couples with newborns. These studies use the wide spectrum of research methods — from intensive observational approaches to large-scale surveys involving tens of thousands of respondents. The FTRG typically has about 10 active federally-funded projects. The group includes several doctoral-level psychologists, master’s level researchers and counselors, bachelors level research staff, externs, research assistants, and graduate students.

Since 1997, FTRG has offered students an opportunity to be involved in its research. Such experience is needed for admission to most graduate programs in psychology and other helping professions. We are looking for individuals to assist with and collaborate on ongoing and upcoming projects. People who join our team can expect great research experience. Individuals with a variety of education and backgrounds are welcome.

The research opportunity is unpaid, requires 12 hours per week, and includes highly recommended attendance (on-site or by video conferencing) at our weekly lab meeting on Fridays from 10:30am-11:30am. The majority of the research will be completed on-site in our lab located in the NYUCD offices. We strongly prefer a 2 semester commitment if you are invited to continue, and priority will be given to applicants that can meet this qualification. Coding requires two consecutive semesters (Fall/Spring; Spring/Summer; Summer/Fall).

If you are excited by the possibility of doing innovative research on couples, families, and family violence in a team environment, please apply. Please complete the enclosed application and send with a copy your resume/curriculum vitae to the FTRG Externship Coordinator at The subject of the email should be “FTRG Externship

Application,” and attached files should be saved as, “yourlastname_externapp,” and

“yourlastname_externCV.” So, if your name is “Sean Jones,” files should be saved and sent as, “Jones_externapp,” and “Jones_externCV.”

The Spring 2016/Summer 2016 Externship begins on January 25, 2015. Priority will be given to applicants who apply by the deadline of 5pm on December 7, 2015.

Externship Application Spring 2016 (with deadline)


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