Full-time language learning research assistant

The brand-new Language Learning Laboratory at Boston College is recruiting a full-time research assistant. The research assistant will work closely with the PI (Dr. Joshua Hartshorne) and graduate students in the lab. Primary responsibilities will include coordinating the lab’s crowdsourcing and citizen science activities. For example, over 10,000 volunteers have contributed over 500,000 linguistic judgments as part of the laboratory’s VerbCorner project. The research assistant will help coordinate these volunteers for this and other similar projects. S/he will also manage undergraduate researchers working on these projects and engage in public outreach activities such as blogging or creating educational materials. S/he will assist in data-analysis and have the opportunity to attend and present at major scientific conferences.

Candidates should have an undergraduate degree in psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, or a related field (or a good explanation as to why they are qualified anyway). Candidates should also have familiarity with one or more computer programming languages (e.g., Python, R, Matlab, C++) or an exceptional quantitative background (i.e., degree in mathematics). Experience with any of the following would be an added advantage: laboratory research, data analysis, management/supervision, science outreach, journalism.

Review of applications will begin immediately. Start date is flexible but not later than 9/1/2016. Members of groups underrepresented in science are particularly encouraged to apply. International candidates are welcomed but must have an MA or equivalent.

To apply, send to l3atbc@gmail.com: a CV and a one-page essay explaining why you are interested in the position and how it fits with your past experiences and future goals. Please also arrange for letters of recommendation from 2-3 references to be sent to l3atbc@gmail.com.

Please be sure that your CV lists your degree(s), major/minor, GPA, any relevant classes (psychology, linguistics, computer science, etc.), programming languages with which you have experience (and the nature of that experience), and any other experiences/qualifications you feel are particularly relevant.


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