Lab Coordinator position – University of Maryland, College Park

The Lab for Early Social Cognition at the University of Maryland College Park, under the direction of Dr. Jonathan Beier, is seeking a new lab coordinator. This one-year position will begin in May or early June 2016.

The successful applicant will coordinate the lab’s research investigating social cognitive development in infancy through early childhood. Our research focuses on children’s prosocial behavior and their understanding of social interactions and social relationships. We use a variety of research techniques, including both eye-tracking and more active measures of children’s social evaluations and behaviors. See for more details.

Half of the lab coordinator’s time will be spent overseeing and participating in the lab’s research activities. Duties include: 1) data collection and analysis, 2) stimulus construction and research design, 3) supervision of undergraduates, 4) interacting with children and parents, and 5) lab and office management (e.g., budget, IRB, equipment, website).

The other half of the coordinator’s time will be spent acting as the chief recruitment specialist for the UMD Infant and Child Studies Consortium, a collection of labs that combine efforts to enhance developmental science on campus. Duties include: 1) developing and implementing long-range plans to increase family recruitment, 2) managing the Consortium’s online presence, and 3) organizing Consortium participation in community events and other forms of outreach. The University is part of the Washington, DC metro area.

Minimum requirements are a Bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field within cognitive science, at least one year of relevant research experience, and excellent communication and computer skills. Candidates must be able to work both independently and in collaboration with others, have strong multi-tasking and organizational skills, and be comfortable being silly with young children. Top candidates will have considerable research experience with children under 6 years, excellent writing ability, and proficiency with programming, data processing, statistics, and web and multimedia development.

This position is ideal for an individual seeking further research experience before applying to graduate school, and it includes opportunities for co-authorship on conference presentations and publications. This is a full-time position with benefits. Continuation past the first year is possible based on performance and the availability of funds.

To apply, please send a cover letter detailing your relevant background and goals, a resume, and an unofficial transcript to the current lab coordinator, Emma Larson, at Please also arrange for 2 – 3 letters of reference to be sent to the same address. Review of applications will begin on March 23 with the aim of concluding this search as soon as an exceptional candidate is found.


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