Lab manager Colgate University

The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Program at Colgate University is seeking applications for a full-time lab manager/lab tech for its Perception, Action, and Language (PAL) Laboratory.  The PAL lab is a common space within the labs of Bruce Hansen and Spencer Kelly, and is focused on VEP/ERP, high-definition tDCS, and eye-tracking methodology.  Research conducted in the lab is generally addresses two major themes: 1) How early low-level visual signals provide distinctive codes for different visual environments, and how such codes contribute to the formation of rapid perceptual inference, and 2) how bodily actions (e.g., hand gestures) influence language production and comprehension during communication and learning.

This is a great position for a recent college graduate who would like to gain further experience in an intensive research setting before applying to graduate school. A two-year commitment is highly preferred.  The position is not appropriate for those with advanced degrees.

The position would ideally start on September 1, 2016.  Salary is capped at $27,300 USD per year.  An overview of the fringe benefits for this position can be found here:

Essential Functions:

Responsibilities include assisting with all aspects of EEG/High-definition tDCS/eye-tracking experiments. Specific duties include (but are not limited to): coordinating and executing multiple experiments, assisting with experimental set-up (including basic experiment programming), assisting the PIs and their thesis students with sensor net preparation, application, and disinfecting, stimulus creation, assisting with the training of new undergraduate RAs, data processing, data analysis, data management, and general lab organization and maintenance.

Position Requirements:

This position requires a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.  A major in Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, or related field is preferred.  Strong interpersonal and communication skills are needed in order to successfully work with numerous undergraduate research assistants and research participants.  Being technologically savvy, highly organized, and able to work independently are also essential for this position.  The successful candidate will ideally possess some experience/familiarity with computer programming (e.g., MATLAB, C/C++, Python, etc.).  Some research experience with EEG, brain stimulation, or eye-tracking would also be useful.

Relevant Lab Resources: 

–Two high density (128- and 256-channel) EEG systems housed in separate shielded environments.

–A high-definition tDCS System (Electrical Geodesics Inc.’s new GTEN system), as well as standard dual-

electrode tDCS systems.

–Geodesic Photogrammetry System (GPS) for high fidelity source localization.

–EyeLink 1000 Desktop eye-tracking system.

–Easy access (and support) to an extensive computer cluster.


Applications should be submitted through Colgate’s career site at  Once on that site, select “Search Postings” to the left.  In the position title drop down menu, select “Lab Manager / Lab Technician” and click on “Search”.  After selecting “Apply to this posting”, you will need to create a new application.  Follow the prompts from there.  Recruitment will continue until the position is filled.


Questions about this position should be directed to Prof. Bruce Hansen at


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