Research Assistant at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH

The successful candidate will work within a research team conducting epidemiologic and clinical research focusing on associations between prenatal drug exposure and child executive functioning in the preschool years. The work will involve participant recruitment via phone and in-person, conducting executive functioning tasks, cognitive assessments, and interviews with children and parents, ensuring completeness of surveys and entering data into a computer database, working with electronic data capture tools such as REDCap, writing reports of study progress, and managing IRB communications. To successfully carry out this work, the Research Assistant will use and maintain study databases of research participants including keeping them confidential, up to date, and organized; maintain meticulous participant files; make recommendations about refinement and/or replacement of study procedures; and implement such refinements or new procedures with input from the principal investigator. There may be opportunities to assist in data analysis and the preparation of scientific publications. The Research Assistant may perform miscellaneous related duties as required. The successful candidate will have prior research experience demonstrative of independence and responsibility. Some evening and weekend hours may be required to accommodate data collection efforts.

1. Bachelor’s degree in psychology, neuroscience, human development, epidemiology or related field.
2. Relevant research experience, with demonstrated independence and responsibility.
3. Excellent writing skills and ability to produce clear and succinct technical reports based on study progress.
4. Excellent organizational skills and strong interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate effectively and in an engaging manner over the telephone and in person.
5. Ability to actively participate as a team player, manage details, track participant progress, maintain relationships with families, think creatively, work independently, and meet deadlines.
6. Initiative, motivation, attention to detail, and creativity.
7. Ability to handle confidential data appropriately.
8. Experience with Microsoft Office software programs, including Word and Excel.


1. Applied experience in research methods and experience with databases such as REDCap.
2. Experience administering executive function tasks and/or developmental assessments with children (e.g., Disappointing Gift, Delay of Gratification, WPPSI).
3. Experience recruiting research participants.

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit an online application through the NCH jobs website:


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