Seeking undergraduate psychology students to volunteer as researchers

Seeking undergraduate psychology students to volunteer as researchers in multiple areas of a dissertation research project studying the effectiveness of DBT Skills in improving social interactions and emotion regulation in high functioning teenagers on the Autism spectrum.

Position 1) Therapy/talk group facilitator…Seeking 1-2 students MUST be a RISING JUNIOR OR SENIOR and have TAKEN a psychology class focused on abnormal psych, adolescence, or counseling/therapy.

  • 45 minute groups where study participants and typical teen volunteers are asked to interact with each other by talking and playing games
    • Facilitator(s) will be given set games to play each session
    • Will be asked to make sure that appropriate language and topics are used
  • Will be a set time in the evening (between 5 and 7) during the week, but not Friday.
  • Groups to occur approximately every 3 weeks, some more frequent, some less
  • Study will begin within the next few weeks (spring) and go through the summer
  • Groups WILL be recorded to monitor study participants’ actions and speech
    • Facilitator will be taught how to record

Position 2) Video coding…Seeking 2 students MUST have TAKEN RESEARCH METHODS

  • Watch 45 minute video recordings of group sessions and use coding sheet to record frequency counts of certain pre-determined behaviors
    • Videos can only be accessed in the Saltzman Center
  • Will require approximately 1 hour every few weeks (or as sessions occur)

Please contact the primary researcher, Kyle Haney, M.S., if interested: 516-778-7848 or

Applications for Position 1 accepted until June 1 and applications for Position 2 accepted until July 1.


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