Summer research opportunity on campus

Looking for undergraduate research assistants to assist in a brief portion of a dissertation research study looking at the impact of psychoeducation on self-awareness, disorder knowledge, and social behavior in adolescents diagnosed with high functioning autism spectrum disorder. Research assistants would participate by engaging in a 5-minute conversation with the adolescent participant using predetermined conversation prompts. Research assistants would attend a 30-minute training session prior to participating to understand the guidelines of the social interaction. The study is a single subject design and is looking to run six participants in total. These participants will engage in the conversation piece from 11-13 times during the study, but in order to account for familiarity we are asking that research assistants engage in the conversation piece a maximum of 6 times (once per study participant). Thus in total the commitment would be about an hour with the training and conversation engagement. Recruitment is moving slowly, but we are hoping to run a majority of the participants this summer. Additionally, there is an opportunity to work on coding data, but again due to the timing of recruitment this may present itself during the summer or the fall semester. If you are interested in more information or in participating during the summer or fall please contact me at by June 13th.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Monica Ierardo, MA


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