Fall RA position w/preschool students

I am currently seeking 1-2 Research Assistants (RA) who are ideally looking for experience in preparation for graduate school (Psych, SLP, Special Ed or related areas). RA’s would be trained to take behavioral data of preschool students. This data will be used in a proposed study for dissertation examining the effects of a communication intervention for children with Autism (through Hofstra’s PsyD School/Community Program).

Brief training sessions would take place at Hofstra, at the end of August/beginning of the Fall semester.

Applicant Requirements:

Minimum overall GPA of 3.0

Junior Psych majors preferred (although not required)

Access to a vehicle to drive to study site in Western Suffolk County (~14 miles from Hofstra)


Weekly commitment following training:

1-2 hours at site per week plus independent travel time

This commitment will likely span from late August to early February 2017. The selected RA will be compensated with a $250 VISA gift card at the completion of their responsibility.

Please email by August 8 if you might be interested or have any questions at aragusa1@pride.hofstra.edu.


Ashley Ragusa, M.S.

Clinical Services Coordinator, Diagnostic and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Doctoral Candidate

Psy.D. School/Community Program

Hofstra University


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