Yale infant cognition center Summer 2017 internship

Note – one of Hofstra’s seniors, Capri Pappalardo, had one of these internships last summer, and has this to say:

During my junior year, I really wanted to find an internship for my summer going into senior year. I looked at the internship postings on the blog, and found a post to apply as a summer intern at Yale’s Infant Cognition Center. I ended up getting accepted and had one of the best summers of my life! As a research assistant, I became familiar with experimental models used in infant studies, worked the daily running of the lab, recruited and tested participants, participated in study design and setup, called parents to give information about the lab and scheduled them for appointments, learned about coding and analysis of results, attended weekly lab meetings to discuss experimental data, compared relevant research findings from other labs, and imported, exported, and mixed videos of the participants. I feel like I have gained a lot more experience and knowledge in all research, cognition, and developmental psychology! As a senior, I strongly recommend all psychology students, especially underclassmen to get involved early by using this blog and get yourself out there by applying to as many things that you can! Your passions in psychology can only grow more the more hands-on you get!

Yale Infant Cognition Center Summer 2017 Internship

Research: Our research broadly focuses on social cognition in infancy. We are running a number of studies with infants & toddlers ranging from 3-59 months. These studies are largely focused on discovering what infants and toddlers think about various aspects of the social world.  Some of the topics we look at include examining infants’ preferences for characters based on their social behavior or group membership and infants’ reasoning about the natural world. More information about our research can be found at http://campuspress.yale.edu/infantlab/
Internship Opportunity: Interns will work closely with lab researchers on new and ongoing studies, participating fully in all aspects of the research process. Interns will become familiar with experimental methods used in infant studies, and will immediately become involved in recruiting and testing participants, designing and setting up studies, and coding and analyzing results. They will also attend a weekly lab meeting where we discuss the theoretical motivation for our studies, experimental data, and relevant research findings from other labs.

In addition, interns will have the chance to learn about and interact with other developmental psychology labs at Yale, and attend sessions organized by professors and graduate students on topics such as applying to graduate school. Interns are encouraged to join graduate students and other researchers from across the department in fun activities such as barbecues, bowling, trivia karaoke nights.

Internship Requirements: The internship will involve a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week. Undergraduate students at all stages are welcome to apply. The internship is best suited to students interested in pursuing graduate studies in developmental, social, or cognitive psychology. This is a volunteer position, but it is encouraged to apply for outside funding from one’s own university, and we are happy to support these applications.

To receive an application and further information, please email Clarise Ballesteros at yalebaby.manager@yale.edu


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