Three RA positions with Dr. Ploran for this semester (and beyond)

POSITION 1: Dr. Ploran is looking for a research assistant to do an intensive literature search and some experiment programming for a project on cognitive impairment in lupus patients. An introduction to programming will be given, but the student will be expected to work independently and develop their own skills over the course of the semester as needed. Sophomores and juniors who have completed Research Methods with a B+ or better and have taken Cognition, Behavioral Neuro, or Clinical Neuro will be given priority.

POSITION 2: Dr. Ploran is looking for a second research assistant to run an experiment assessing biophysical reactions to pain stimuli in conjunction with a virtual reality distractor task. Students should be comfortable with taking blood pressure readings using an automated cuff. Students should also feel comfortable using new computer software and equipment with minimal oversight. Students with previous EMT or other medical experience will be given priority.

POSITION 3: Dr. Ploran is looking for a third research assistant to help with data organization and analysis on a project examining the effects of fetal heart monitor graphical design on the ability of RNs and MDs to accurately assess the output. Students who completed Statistics with an A- or A will be given priority. Strong Excel skills a plus.

Applicants should fill out the Research Assistant application form found here and send it to by Feb 8th with a note identifying the desired position(s) (any applicants not selected by Dr. Ploran will be put into the main recruitment pool for Spring 2017). If you already submitted an application to the main pool but would like to be considered for one of these positions specifically, please send Dr. Ploran an email.


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