Lab manager, human electrophysiology, SUNY Binghamton

The Brain and Machine Lab is a large human electrophysiology laboratory with a significant throughput of human research subjects, both children and adults. We have active research projects examining reading development, individual differences in reading comprehension, and brain biometrics. We seek an individual to provide full-time research support for these activities The successful applicant will demonstrate experience with electrophysiological methods, evidence of strong computer and organizational skills, and a willingness to learn new techniques.

Job duties include:

  • Screening and scheduling families to participate in developmental studies
  • Preparation of human subjects for acquisition of the EEG
  • Monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting the EEG while it is acquired
  • Performing and scoring neuropsychological tests
  • Initial post-processing of behavioral and EEG data
  • Maintaining the lab’s database of participants
  • Maintaining and ordering research supplies
  • Maintaining accurate records of research methods and results
  • Coordinating research activity of undergraduate independent research students
  • Working alongside graduate students

Full job posting found here


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