Full-time lab manager/research assistant position: Social Developmental Neuroscience Lab, Stony Brook

A FULL-TIME LAB MANAGER/RESEARCH ASSISTANT is sought by the Social Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory at Stony Brook University (Dr. Johanna Jarcho, Director), to begin in Summer 2017. The SDN lab (http://www.sdnlaboratory.com) aims to isolate neural mechanisms and corresponding behavior that support normative development of social cognition, or increase risk for and expression of deficits in social competence linked to psychopathology.
Social Developmental Neuroscience Lab
Social Developmental Neuroscience Lab. -Director, Johanna M. Jarcho Ph.D.

Behavioral, eye tracking, EEG, and fMRI-based methods are used to achieve these aims. The individual who fills this position will be involved in numerous aspects of the research process (e.g., recruiting, screening and running adult and adolescent participants, study design and implementation, preprocessing and analysis of data, preparation of publications) and contribute to day-to-day operations of the lab (e.g., various administrative duties, oversight of volunteer RAs, IRB management). This 2-year position is ideal for a highly motivated individual who plans to apply to graduate school in psychology or related fields.

Essential Duties:
– Data Acquisition: recruiting, scheduling, and running research visits with adult and adolescent participants
– Coordination: coordination of scheduling, budgeting, approval of research by oversight bodies, and administrative tasks of the laboratory
– Management: training and supervising volunteer research assistants
– Data Analysis: study design, data management, and analysis
– Special Projects: Assisting the Principal Investigator in the preparation of presentations, manuscripts, and grant applications
* Exquisite organizational skills and attention to detail are required *

Preferred Degree/Qualifications:
– Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or related field
– Experience working with children and their families
– Experience with data collection and/or analysis for behavioral, fMRI, eye-tracking, or EEG-based paradigms
– Experience with EPrime, Matlab, Python, and/or other scripting languages
Interested applicants should send their CV, two letters of reference, and a cover letter describing their research interests and career goals to Dr. Jarcho (johanna.jarcho@stonybrook.edu).

– Please include “FULL-TIME LAB MANAGER/RESEARCH ASSISTANT” along with your last name in the subject line.


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