Research Assistant in Cog Neuro at Moss Rehab Institute

The Cognitive Neurophysiology and Neuropsychology Lab at Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI) seeks to fill one or more openings for a full-time BA/BS-level Research Assistant, to begin Summer or Fall 2017 and continuing for two years, with possible extension. The lab is directed by Dr. Edward Wlotko. For further information, see…/ .

Our lab is a good fit for individuals who are eager to apply existing talent and experience to research in the cognitive neuroscience of language and cognition. Research assistants who join our lab will gain exposure to and experience with non-invasive human neurophysiological techniques as studied in neuropsychological patients and in neurologically intact individuals. Opportunities for further enrichment are available through interactions with our colleagues at MRRI, a unique environment with a highly active research community situated in the context of a rehabilitation hospital.

A Coordinating Research Assistant will be trained to participate in all aspects of day-to-day research activities including:
● recruiting and scheduling study volunteers from patient and neurologically intact populations
● administering and scoring neuropsychological and cognitive assessments/tests
● conducting EEG testing sessions
● documenting procedures and protocols
● maintaining and organizing laboratory records for IRB compliance
● ordering laboratory supplies
● other duties necessary for smooth operation of the lab

A bachelor’s degree is required for this position. Candidates with a degree in cognitive science, psychology, speech and hearing science, linguistics, or related fields will be most suitable for the position. Other qualifications include:
● evidence of excellent organizational and communication skills
● demonstration of willingness and ability to flexibly learn new techniques in a dynamic environment
● prior experience in a human subjects research setting is strongly preferred
A Technical Research Assistant will be involved in aspects of research that involve coding/programming or other technical skills including:
● analyzing behavioral and EEG data (mostly in the MATLAB environment)
● testing and validating new potential analysis streams or techniques
● developing cognitive/neuropsychological tests/experiments (mostly in the PsychoPy environment)
● generating scripts for reproducibility of data manipulations and analyses
● organizing and maintaining the lab’s digital content

A bachelor’s degree is required for this position. Candidates with a degree in cognitive science, neuroscience, computer science, engineering, or related fields will be most suitable for the position. Other necessary qualifications include:
● a strong background in programming/coding fundamentals
● demonstrated proficiency working in the MATLAB environment, or expertise in C (or its derivatives)
and/or other array-oriented or high-level/interpreted/scripting languages
Desired qualifications include:
● experience with Python
● knowledge of digital signal processing
● familiarity with the git version control system
● experience in a research setting (of any type)
● demonstrated interest in cognitive or biomedical sciences
Candidates who fill either position may gain some cross-training on responsibilities of both positions, as well as other aspects of research such as statistical analysis, data visualizations, and assistance with preparation of research findings for conference presentations or in manuscripts for publication.

To apply, prepare a cover letter that explicitly states which of the two positions most closely matches your experience and interests. Submit this letter along with your C.V. or resume as ONE SINGLE pdf document uploaded to Dropbox using this URL: .

Applicants who are invited to interview for the position should be prepared to promptly forward letters of recommendation from two references who are able to provide an evaluation of your experience and qualifications for the position.

MRRI and Moss Rehab are part of the Einstein Healthcare Network, an Equal Opportunity Employer located in the Philadelphia area. All positions offer competitive salary and benefits (medical, dental, vision, tuition reimbursement).


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