VIPitt program for underrepresented groups in psychology

The Department of Psychology in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh invites students to apply for an exciting opportunity to learn from cutting edge researchers in psychology. The goal of the VIPitt program is to provide support and information to underrepresented students applying for graduate study in psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. The weekend includes seminars, panel discussions, and workshops on the components of a competitive graduate application, as well as formal and informal meetings with current graduate students and faculty in the applicants’ area of interest. Attendees also will be introduced to the Pitt psychology department, specific graduate programs, and graduate training in psychology broadly. Meetings with university administrators will focus on funding and resources available to underrepresented students. Travel, housing, and meals are provided for all attendees, as well as a tour of the city of Pittsburgh.

More info can be found here

Side note: This is Dr. Ploran’s grad program and Drs. Masnick and Novak also spent time in Pittsburgh (1 mile down the street at Carnegie Mellon). We are all happy to wax poetic about the psychology scene, the city, and other bits if you are skeptical about Pittsburgh.


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