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Research Assistant Position at Neuroplasticity & Development Lab at Johns Hopkins

The Neuroplasticity & Development Lab in the Johns Hopkins Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences invites applicants for a full-time Research Assistant position.

Our research: The Neuroplasticity & Development Lab investigates how experience shapes human cognition and brain function using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and behavioral measures. We compare the minds and brains of populations with different development experiences e.g. congenitally blind, late blind and sighted individuals. The lab is specifically interested in the effects of experience on higher-order cognitive processes. A key research direction in the lab investigates the reorganization of visual cortex in blindness as a window into understanding the functional flexibility of human cortex. We also investigate the influence of sensory and non-sensory experience on the organization of conceptual systems and experience-based plasticity in higher-cognitive systems.

For more information about the Neuroplasticity & Development Lab please go to:

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Research Assistant Position: Emory University

Position Description:  A Research Assistant/Interviewer position will be available starting winter/early spring of 2018 in the Translational Research in Affective Disorders Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at Emory University. The Research Interviewer will assist with all aspects of the research process (designing/programming experiments, recruiting/running participants, analyzing behavioral and neuroimaging data). This is an excellent position for anyone seeking research experience and training in clinical and cognitive neuroscience before applying to graduate programs. Continue reading

Full-time research assistant positions at Penn State

The Cognition, Affect, and Temperament Laboratory at Penn State, headed by Dr. Koraly Pérez-Edgar, anticipates hiring one to three full-time research assistants ( One position is to start early (January to February) 2018, and the second position is to start in May 2018. The third position is contingent on anticipated upcoming personnel transitions.The skills learned through this experience will be useful for individuals who intend to go to graduate school in psychology, neuroscience, or human development. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on NIMH and PSU-funded studies investigating the developmental trajectories of early temperament and attention, with a focus on risk for anxiety. In doing so, the lab incorporates a number of techniques, including electrophysiology (EEG and ERP), eye-tracking, direct behavioral observation, and questionnaires. Our research also incorporates a large age range from infants through young adults. This work will take advantage of the University’s broad resources, including the Child Study Center ( and the SLEIC Center (  In addition, the position(s) will involve working on an exciting three-site study examining the early emergence attention, emotion, and risk for anxiety. Continue reading

Sparrow Fellowship in Clinical Neuroscience at Yale

The Sparrow Fellowship in Clinical Neuroscience, is appropriate for recent college graduates with interest in cognitive neuroscience and clinical research in autism.

The Sara S. Sparrow Fellowship in Clinical Neuroscience seeks highly qualified college graduates to participate in cutting-edge clinical research on autism spectrum disorder in the McPartland Lab and the Yale Developmental Disabilities Clinic at the Yale Child Study Center. The Child Study Center is a leading institution for clinical research on autism and related disabilities, with a multidisciplinary approach spanning behavioral neuroscience, neuroimaging,  genetics, and treatment. Successful applicants will be involved in a two-year program of training incorporating both clinical and research experiences, commencing on or before July 1, 2018.

Follow this link for more information: Sara S Sparrow Fellowship1

Two RA positions at Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School

The Gaab Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital is looking for two full-time Research Assistants for a study that aims to validate a tablet-based early literacy screener. This includes subject recruitment which will include close interaction with pediatricians and public and private schools in the Boston area, scheduling of pediatric research subjects, administration of standardized assessments, scoring and interpretation of standardized assessments, database maintenance, implementation and maintenance of analysis software; data analyses and administrative work (e.g., preparation of internal review board proposals). We are in particular looking for candidates who have experience with the administration of standardized (literacy) tests in young children (preschool/kindergarten age). Continue reading

Part-time Parent-Child Specialist Position in NYC (NYU School of Medicine)

NYU School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics – Video Interaction Project

 We are seeking a part-time Spanish-English bilingual parent-child specialist to work for a parent intervention program and related behavioral research projects in the Department of Pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine. This program is designed to improve child development outcomes in at-risk populations and is being administered in the context of a randomized controlled trial at NYC Health+Hospitals/Bellevue (Kips Bay, New York, NY) and a clinical program at NYC H+H/Woodhull (Brooklyn, NY), Children’s Aid Society (Harlem, New York, NY), and other sites in NYC to be determined.  The current position will likely be primarily based at the Children’s Aid Society Dunlevy Milbank Center.

 About the position:

The parent-child specialist will administer a behavioral parenting program designed to improve child development outcomes in at-risk populations.  The program is a relationship-based intervention with parents and their children (birth-5) that takes place in the pediatric clinic, is offered for free to low-income parents, and at some sites is being studied as part of a research program. Continue reading

Project Director, Income and Development Brain Study: New York City

The Income and Development Brain study is a path breaking random assignment study that will offer monthly unconditional cash supplements to eligible low income mothers of infants for the first three years of their child’s life.  The aim is to understand the causal effects of income on the family and on very early child development, in order to inform policy.  Two hundred fifty mothers will be recruited from hospitals at the time of their child’s birth in each of four sites—New York City, New Orleans, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Omaha, Nebraska.  Half of the mothers in each site will be randomized to receive $333/month in cash and half will receive $20/month in cash.  The NIH-funded study is led by principal investigators Greg Duncan (UC Irvine), Lisa Gennetian (NYU), Katherine Magnuson (UW at Madison), Kimberly Noble (Teachers College, Columbia University), and Hirokazu Yoshikawa (NYU).  PIs are also collaborating with a team of neuroscientists at each site who will lead measurement of children’s brain development at 36 months old.  Recruitment of study participants will begin in Spring 2018 with data collection occurring just after birth, and at child ages 12, 24 and 36 months. More about the study and its motivation can be found here, here and here. We are seeking an experienced researcher and project manager to serve as a project director for this multi-institutional, multi-site, multi-year study. The candidate will supervise multiple technical aspects of the project, serve as the liaison among PIs, the Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan, neuroscientists and site stakeholders, contribute to methodological and operational decision-making, research design, data collection, analysis, and reporting. The candidate should have at least two years of experience coordinating and managing complex, multi-university research projects. Continue reading