Research Assistantships

Many undergraduate students are looking for on-campus hands-on experiences in a laboratory to see how psychology research works in action and many faculty members and graduate students at Hofstra are looking for undergraduate students to help with data collection, organization, and analysis.

In an effort to better match the students and faculty members on an on-going basis, students may download, fill out, and submit this form (PDF) (DOC) to Dr. Elisabeth Ploran ( NOTE: Your file should be named “RAapplication_Lastname” (e.g., RAapplication_Ploran) and should be in .docx, .pdf, or .rtf format. Files in .pages or any other format will NOT be accepted. The applications are then uploaded into a common database that faculty can access as they have new positions open in their lab, allowing them to contact students who have already expressed interest in a research experience and who fit their specific criteria.

Students may want to consider completing a research experience for credit during their time at Hofstra. The research experience is similar to how students can receive credit for an internship; a faculty supervisor is chosen, students complete a certain number of hours of research per credit being earned, and a final paper about the experience is written and graded by the supervisor. You can read more about the course in the syllabus. Students may use either an internship (PSY 99) or research experience (PSY 95) towards their Psychology major requirements, but not both.


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