Youth Writing for Justice: Credited internship, Fall ’15



This semester-long internship provides students with an opportunity to become part of a movement that uses a story-based strategy for change.

Interns from a wide range of disciplines including criminology, sociology, psychology, women studies, literature and law* will be writing and working side by side with high school students who come from neighborhoods where violence, poverty, early incarceration, injustice to immigrants, racial profiling, and inequality of opportunity prevail. Through this process, the interns will acquire new lenses through which to experience the real needs of the populations they are studying and will eventually serve. There will be a special emphasis on writing for racial justice, looking at police practices, and the impact of mass incarceration on families and communities, while developing story-based action and advocacy strategies to elevate the voices of those who have not had a place at the table when it comes to the social and criminal justice policies.


1). Writing

Tuesdays, 3:45-5:30 PM— A cohort of 10-12 interns will participate in required weekly workshops at Hofstra University in order to develop a 7-15 page personal memoir that can be used in the movement for change, while helping the high school students find the courage to tell the stories that need to be told. (This is a writing-intensive workshop and interns must take the weekly writing requirements seriously).

2). Action and Advocacy

Tuesdays, 5:30-6:20 PM — All participating interns will be required to meet weekly before the workshop with the high school students in a seminar setting to develop key strategies to effect changes in policies, attitudes and practices. Each intern will be guided to focus on one or more of the following service or advocacy opportunities, depending on her or his schedule and interests:

  • Work with Prison Families Anonymous (PFA) to give public and legislative presentations centered around a new volume of stories of children of the incarcerated, All I Ever Wanted… This will include presentations on college campuses, at meetings of prison families, and at local high schools.
  • Work with Herstory and PFA to organize reading circles for parenting groups in re-entry and local youth groups.
  • Organize reading circles and teach-ins on college campuses centered around the volume All I Ever Wanted…(see above) and the collection of memoirs of previously incarcerated juveniles Taking Back Our Children.
  • Attend meetings with legislators working on prison reform and conferences looking at the ways police practices, and social and economic inequalities create a vicious cycle of violence, incarceration and disenfranchisement.

If you’re interested in this internship please contact Dr. Robin Flaton at and/or visit Dr. Flaton at her office (115 Hauser Hall) on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday mornings between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM.

Research Intern positions at NYU Langone Medical Center

Invitation to Research Interns

From the

Division of General Internal Medicine and Clinical Innovation

NYU Langone Medical Center

New York, NY

The Division of General Internal Medicine and Clinical Innovation at the NYU Langone Medical Center invites undergraduate and graduate students to apply for Research Intern Positions, which provide ample opportunities to gain experience working on critical issues in health care in an entrepreneurial, innovative, research rich environment.

You will join the Division’s Health Services Research Team, whose work focuses on translational research related to patient care delivery, systems of care delivery, population health, education, innovations.

Four areas of research the Division is actively pursuing:

1. Improving patient access/utilization and satisfaction: for example, the use of emerging technology in addressing health access disparities

2. Evaluation of care management programs and components that are utilized internally reviewing ROI and outcomes (patient and provider)

3. Practice management/Quality Initiatives: Model to predict likelihood of occurrence of adverse events for individual patients

4. Evaluation of newer and innovative methods to improve health care delivery efficiency and patient outcome/satisfaction

Benefits to You as a Research Intern

* Research Interns are recruited to un-compensated positions, and receive one on one mentoring from members of the health care research team including experts in healthcare services management, practice based research and clinical analytics experts.

* Research Interns attend meetings related to project work, as well as conferences and seminars at the NYU School of Medicine.

* You will have the opportunity to be a co-author on conference abstract submissions and/or publications .

* You will receive letters of recommendation for school and job placement.

Our Preferred Candidates Are Those Who

* Have a strong interest in research with interest in pursuing careers in healthcare, health policy, health-related research, or health technology or related fields

* Are motivated, mature, professional, independent thinkers and problem solvers

* Demonstrate strong interpersonal, writing, and computer skills

* Have prior experience conducting quantitative data analysis (Excel, SPSS/SAS)

* Have prior experience conducting qualitative data analysis (coding, thematic analysis)

* Are able to work 8-10 hours/week for at least 6-months.

Specific Research Intern Responsibilities Include

* Data collection and management using large, publically available data sets (NHANES/MEPS/etc) re health disparities, and other health care outcomes and systems data including ambulatory care data.

* Contribute to the development of survey and measurement tools

* Conduct qualitative data analysis (coding, thematic analysis)

* Conduct Quantitative data analysis (Excel, SPSS/SAS)

* Qualitative data analysis (coding, thematic analysis)

* Manage literature searches to support Abstract/Manuscript/Presentation development

* Contribute to the preparation of IRB and grant proposals

How to apply

The following materials are required at the time of application:

* A current resume – one page max

* A cover letter (with less than 200 words describing your interest in this area of research and referencing at least 1-2 of the areas you have experience in from the work responsibilities section above)

* 2 professional and/or academic references

Direct Inquiries and Application To

Yiding Jiang, MS

Actuary, Division of General Internal Medicine and Clinical Innovation

NYU Langone Medical Center

Internship Opportunity at the NYU School of Medicine Center for the study of Asian American Health

Internship Opportunity

New York University School Of Medicine Center for the Study of Asian American Health (CSAAH)

The REACH FAR Project (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health for Asian AmeRicans) is an exciting new project to implement comprehensive, integrated, and sustainable multi-sector, evidence-based policy, systems, and environmental approaches to addressing hypertension control in Asian American communities in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. The project will be led by an established multi-sector partnership coalition including academic organizations, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, local businesses, health care professionals, health care institutions, and local and state governmental agencies that have a long partnership history of implementing successful strategies to improve the health of targeted Asian American communities in NY/NJ.

The project is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We are looking for bright, motivated individuals who are interested in working with local Asian American communities to improve access to environments with healthy food and beverages; and enhance linkages to culturally and linguistically tailored care for cardiovascular disease and hypertension management. Targeted Asian American communities include: Bangladeshi, Filipino Korean, and Asian Indian communities in NY/NJ. Intern will be specifically working on a blood pressure monitoring program based in faith-based and community-based sites.

Interns will be expected to:

1. Participate in volunteer/intern training and give a final presentation

2. Participate in project activities at community sites (availability on weekend and evening hours may be necessary)

3. Conduct literature reviews on health education topics and create presentations and curricula materials

4. Assist in data collection, data entry, and maintaining of data files

5. Assist in the development of reports and fact sheets

6. Assist in the creation of survey and training instruments

7. Conduct translations for community members

Intern Qualifications:

1. Strong organizational skills and detail-oriented

2. Excellent knowledge of using research engines such as PubMed and experience in conducting literature searches

3. Experience in data entry through Access and Excel databases

4. Excellent presentation and writing skills

5. Proficiency in using social media tools a plus

6. Knowledge of cardiovascular disease and hypertension

7. Commitment to working in underserved communities

8. Ability to work independently

9. Speaking fluency in Korean, Tagalog, Bengali, Punjabi, or Hindi preferred

10. Reading and writing proficiency in Korean, Tagalog, Punjabi, or Hindi preferred

11. Familiarity with the Korean, Filipino, or South Asian communities in NY or NJ a plus

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Lynna Zhong at: For more information about our work, please visit our website:

Research Assistant opportunity at the Bio Behavioral Institute in Great Neck, NY

The Bio Behavioral Institute in Great Neck, NY is looking for 1-2 upper level undergraduate research assistants to assist with data entry and general research inquiries.
The job description includes:
– data entry
– literature research on anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders
– organizing events and making presentations for conferences
– Assisting in therapeutic exercises and experiments
They are hoping to fill the open positions by mid-september.
Interested students should send their CV/Resume to Doug Fabian:
Doug Fabian
Chief Research Assistant 
Bio Behavioral Institue, Great Neck, NY

Opportunity to present research at national conference

For those of you who have been participating in research assistantships, a key component to your progress as a scientist is learning to communicate your findings to a larger audience. I came across the following conference specifically focused on undergraduate research and thought it would be great if some of you applied to present! The deadline is early November, the conference is in the spring in Washington, DC. – EJP

Posters on the Hill

Graduate school opportunity at St. John’s for those interested in School Psychology

 My name is Dr. Mark Terjesen and I am the director of the graduate programs in School Psychology (PsyD & MS) at St. John’s University (NY).
Congratulations on your recent achievement of receiving your degree in psychology.
I recognize that some of you may still be determining your career path.
I wanted to alert you to the fact that we are still receiving applications for the MS program in school psychology and the deadline for these applications has been extended to August 1 for our Oakdale (Long Island) campus.
The Master’s degree program is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and you would get the opportunity to receive your training in programs taught by leaders in the field.
You can learn more about the program from our website:
And applications can be found here:
But allow me to tell you some more information.
The 66-credit program at St. John’s can be attended full-time or part-time and the master’s degree in school psychology is recognized by New York State and leads to certification as a school psychologist or a bilingual school psychologist.
The core faculty are nationally renowned scholars who regularly publish in peer reviewed journals and present annually at regional, national, and international conferences.
Even during these challenging economic times, school psychology continues to be recognized as a growth field.
Last week U.S. News and World Report ranked school psychology as the 17th hottest profession:
The program espouses the scholar/scientist/practitioner model of training. All students receive training in the evaluation of scientific research, the basic science of psychology, and empirically based practices. We expect all graduates to have the scholarly skills necessary to evaluate current scientific findings in order to develop empirically based models of practice.
All students at our Long Island campus also receive a free state-of-the-art laptop.
All of our classes are in the late afternoon/evening (I think the earliest one for the fall starts at 3PM), so it is a somewhat flexible schedule for people with other commitments. There are some practica requirements that do require students to periodically be available during the day during the second full-year in the program and we try and work with your schedule to be accommodating.
As far as the application, there are no min GRE and GPA scores but they should be competitive.
You can look at our webpage to see the averages of the most recent incoming classes. You also will need 3 letters of rec, a lab paper (something you have written where you collected and analyzed research), and a term paper for your application. 
If you have any further questions, please email me at or call Linda Russell at (631) 218-7756.
If you would like to come out to visit the campus and possibly meet the students and faculty, please communicate with Linda.
Mark D. Terjesen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director, Graduate Programs in School Psychology
St. John’s University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Marillac Hall SB36
Jamaica, NY 11439
P: (718)990-5860
F: (718)990-5926

Internship opportunity: Family Translational Research Group at NYU

The Family Translational Research Group, co-directed by Drs. Richard E. Heyman and Amy Smith-Slep, conducts research on a wide variety of cutting edge topics ranging from (a) how anger, conflict, and family violence affect children’s and adult’s psychological and physical functioning to (b) defining maltreatment in ways that can be reliably used by field workers to (c) understanding how couples’ conflict dynamics relate to violence to (d) furthering our understanding of risk and protective factors for child maltreatment and partner abuse.

We are currently looking for undergraduate and graduate level students who might be seeking to gain more experience in the field of clinical psychology by completing an externship with our group. We are especially trying to find outgoing and motivated individuals who would be interested in working with us on a brand new research study that we just launched involving adolescents and their dating relationships. These individuals would be involved in a variety of different aspects of the project (i.e., recruitment at local high schools and other establishments; calling parents to collect consent; data entry/cleaning; participating in project meetings; possibly help run assessments, etc). This externship requires a 2 semester commitment and students typically work 12 hours each week. Lastly, the deadline to apply is 5pm, July 24th (stated on Externship Application Fall 2015 (with deadline)).