Georgetown University Summer Research Assistant – Learning and Development Lab

The Learning and Development Lab directed by Dr. Elissa Newport has an open position for a full-time (40 hours/week) undergraduate research assistant (RA) for the summer with opportunity to continue part-time next academic year.  The RA will provide support for ongoing research studies investigating how adults and children learn languages and how language is processed in the brain. Responsibilities may include creating and editing auditory and written language stimuli for use in behavioral and brain imaging experiments; programming experiments; data entry and analysis; recruiting, scheduling, and running study participants (both children and adults); attending community events to recruit interested families; and other duties as assigned.  This paid position is an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience with developmental research in psycholinguistics and cognitive neuroscience.  For more information about the Learning and Development Lab’s research, please visit our website:

The ideal candidate will be organized, reliable, and detail-oriented with prior coursework in psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, and/or cognitive neuroscience.  Working knowledge of Excel is required. Experience with children is required. Must be comfortable speaking on the phone and in person to parents of prospective participants.

Please send resumes to Jaclyn Horowitz at


Spring and Summer virtual interns at the Center for Educational Improvement

The Center for Educational Improvement is seeking virtual interns for Spring (start date around April 1) and Summer 2018 to assist with research related to our investigations  of the impact of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation on children and teachers. We are particularly interested in increasing educator understanding of the neurobiological impact of trauma and how mindfulness, yoga, and meditation enhance executive functioning, learning, and children’s well-being. We are also investigating four related areas: mindful school leadership, the relationship of mindfulness and student self-determination for students with disabilities, the implementation of STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, & Math)- Mindfulness/Yoga Play in early childhood education, and the use of an instrument we are currently validating to facilitate the development of compassionate school culture. Expectations: Interns participate for at least 3 months, assisting with conducting background research, writing articles, analyzing data, preparing workshops, posting blogs, and the development of upcoming books on these topics.  To apply send curriculum vitae, a letter of interest, and 3 references to Dr. Christine Mason, Executive Director at

Lab Manager Position, Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies

The Laboratory for Developmental Studies in the Department of Psychology has a position open for a full-time research assistant in Dr. Elizabeth Spelke’s lab. Research in the lab is focused on exploring the cognitive development of infants and toddlers, with an emphasis on perception and knowledge of objects and people. Other projects in the lab focus on the development of numerical and geometrical abilities in preschool- and elementary school-aged children, with a focus on testing interventions to enhance the readiness of disadvantaged children for learning school mathematics. The candidate will report directly to the P.I., a Professor of Developmental Psychology, and will be responsible for managing and overseeing the daily activities of two lab spaces dedicated to running research studies with infants, toddlers, and children. Responsibilities including hiring and supervising undergraduate research assistants, coordinating testing spaces and study schedules, assisting with preparation of grant applications and progress reports, maintaining the lab manual, executing specific research experiments, and assisting in the collection of data. In addition, the candidate will act as the primary liaison between the lab and both the Psychology Business Office and the Harvard IRB, coordinating all lab purchases as well as applications for human subjects research approval. Further, the candidate will work actively with the Open Science Framework to register studies, methodology, and data. The candidate will perform related duties as requested.

This is a two-year position. Continue reading

Lab manager position at Carnegie Mellon

David Creswell’s lab is hiring a full time lab manager in the Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Ideally, we aim to hire someone for a two-year position (or longer) starting June 1, 2018. Our lab works at the interface between health psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, and health neuroscience. We study stress and coping, focusing on stress management strategies (e.g., self-affirmation, cognitive reappraisal, social connection) and interventions (e.g., mindfulness meditation) for understanding stress resilience processes. You can find out more about our research here:

The project manager we seek must be comfortable supporting the lab director in coordinating multiple ongoing projects and a multidisciplinary team, including a large NIH-funded trial of mindfulness meditation training for older adults. Project manager responsibilities include: recruiting new research participants, accounting, scheduling and managing participant events and communications, running behavioral sessions, coordinating assessments and monitoring incoming data, managing data collection, complying with NIH and IRB protocols, and coordination of undergraduate and post-baccalaureate research assistants. This job certainly involves a lot but offers lots of opportunities for making an impact. Continue reading

Lab Manager Position: UC Santa Cruz Early Social Interaction Lab

Application link:
Lab website:

The Early Social Interaction Lab the University of California, Santa Cruz (PI: Audun Dahl) is hiring a lab manager. The lab’s research is focused on moral and social development in early childhood. Most of our research uses behavioral experiments, naturalistic observation, or structured interviews in lab, home, or preschool settings.

Job description: The lab manager will be involved in designing and conducting studies, coding audio and video data, training and supervising undergraduate research assistants, recruiting participants, and preparing human subjects protocols. Continue reading

Lab Manager – Boston College Infant and Child Cognition Lab

The Infant and Child Cognition Laboratory, headed by Dr. Sara Cordes at Boston College, is now accepting applications for a full-time laboratoryassistant with benefits beginning Summer 2018. Research in the lab focuses
on how infants, children, and adults understand and keep track of number,
as well as how these abilities relate to prosocial behavior in preschoolers and to formal mathematics performance in school-aged children (

Responsibilities include managing research projects in the lab, programming experiments, creating stimuli, data coding and analyses, recruiting
participants, and testing infant, child, and adult subjects both in the lab and at off-site locations (e.g. preschools and museums), with the
possibility of becoming a co-author on manuscripts submitted for publication. Administrative duties include hiring, training, and supervising undergraduate volunteers, managing subject recruitment, communicating with
local child care facilities and museums, purchasing equipment, coordinating lab events and meetings, and general faculty support. This position is
ideal for individuals who are highly motivated to pursue graduate study in psychology. Continue reading

Lab Manager: Woodward Lab at the University of Chicago

There is an opening for lab manager in the Woodward lab beginning this spring/summer.  Research in the lab uses a variety of behavioral methods, eye-tracking and EEG to gain insight into the processes that support social cognition and social learning in infants and young children.  The lab manager position involves overseeing the day to day operations of the lab, including scheduling appointments, seeing families through the lab visit, working with graduate students and postdocs to support ongoing research projects and supervising a team of undergraduate research assistants (visit to learn more).

To apply, please use the link below.